Dainty Green Emerald “Compassion” Crystal Healing Bracelet | May Birthstone


Emerald is the ‘Stone of Compassion’ and is said to have the following properties:

* Strengthens the heart and kidneys
* Restores confidence
* Enhances friendships
* Promotes healing and loyalty

Emerald is also the birthstone of May.


Each bracelet comes in a UK-size medium which is 18cm in length, including the clasp. If you require an alternative size, you can leave your size requirements in the ‘note to seller’ box when placing your order and I will make you a custom piece.

These necklaces, bracelets and anklets have all been hand-threaded by myself and each has sterling silver end caps and lobster clasp, each hallmarked.

Each piece of jewellery comes gift-wrapped in a free drawstring bag which is eco-friendly

Robyn xx